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Livescan Center OC, Inc.

FBI Electronic background check report

We've been doing FBI Electronic background check reports for over 15 years.

Suitable for personal review, student, business work travelers, adoption, and more.

FBI Electronic Live Scan Background check report thru National Background Information, approved channeler for the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) allows A Live Center OC. Inc. to offer individuals a simple way to obtain their own personal FBI criminal identification history record request for purposes of review, travel, corrections ,adoptions and challenge information on report provided. A FBI criminal history report may also be used to meet foreign consulates requirements for individuals or family seeking for opportunity to travel, study, work or do business with countries world wide.

FBI Electronic Live Scan background check report is now made so simple, easy, quick process, convenient to obtain thru our office In Anaheim. Just walk in to our office location with a valid Identification, fill out 2 pages general application for the FBI request. We will take your fingerprints and submit it electronically for process by our FBi channeler, approved and printed out for you to receive your report with in your choice of urgency, overnight, 2-3 days or 1 week time. The report normally takes few hours to obtain prices vary depending on your choice of time ,urgency and courier of choice.

Our FBI Electronic background report is printed on a FBI hard bound copy security/tamper-proof watermarked paper and mailed to your residence of address in the US. Background report is also viewable on line after report has been approved and printed. We may only process requests for a Electronic Live Scan report for citizens of the U.S. or those who have permanent residence in the U.S. (i.e. green card holder).

FBI Electronic Submission of application for non permanent is also available call us for easy and convenient way to receive your FBI background report.

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