Ink Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprinting Service National Certified

Ink Card Fingerprinting FD-258 and SF-87 ink base fingerprinting is a process of fingerprinting taken by a our Certified Technician duly Licensed by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and approved Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) channeler for applicants, employees, businesses needing an FBI level criminal background check report, requested for various federal and private agency’s for purpose of employment, contracts, certification ,licensing nationwide and for world wide use.
Ink Card Fingerprinting is also used for immigration purposes upon request of lawyers and various federal agencies. It is very simple 2 step process. Walk in to our Anaheim office with a valid ID, fill out the Ink Cards and we take your fingerprints on the 10 print card. We will sign the cards, dates and enters our official FPC authorization number.The whole process start of filling information  and completion taking fingerprints is about 5 minutes We have been a trusted source for the past 15 years for flawless quick dry ink base  forensic fingerprint provider. Our office in Anaheim averages 250-300 ink card fingerprinting services a month. According to the Dept of Justice  and FBI channeler we have the lowest rejection rate in the industry even though we have the highest volume of business. 

Our fingerprinting service cost is $ 20 per card. Our fingerprint cards are original FBI FD-258 cards. SF-87 should be provided by your employer or agency. We do not charge for the card. If can only provide FD 258 at no cost for the card. We guarantee the highest possible quality of fingerprints using the latest innovation forensic ink pad. No appointment necessary. We welcome all walk in business from 9:00-5:30 Monday through Friday and on Saturday 9:00-3:00.  Our service typically  takes about 2-5 minutes to complete. Call or Walk In Welcome!