Live Scan Laptop And Scan

Our Live Scan service equipments and system are state of the art and software fully certified compliant  State and Federal Electronic  Biometric Transmission Specification with deep incryption for security of information trasmitted to (DOJ )Department of Justice and( FBI )federal Bureau Of Investigation.  
We currently have 3 new Live Scan service machines  and is daily updated  for accurate fingerprinting and submission. Our Biometric expertise in capturing fingerprints for the past 15 year,over a thousand a month makes the difference. We have the lowest rejection rate  and highest number of approved live scan application submitted. Having the latest machine excites us to capture fingerprints speed to 1 minute ten print capture of prints both electronically and thru ink card.
Our Live Scan Laptop and Scan Machines have the capacity of providing results same day which  makes it easy for us to guarantee our work, submission and approval time for our clients eager to get started on their jobs,business and receiving personal request report. We are excited with our upcoming integrated software that allows applicants to receive their request report by email. 

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Live Scan Laptop and Scan
Live Scan Laptop and Scan